As of the end of May, 10% of monthly proceeds at KILLBABE will go to a worthy charity that supports sickle cell disease sufferers and promotes sickle cell disease awareness in the UK. 

Although it's the most common genetic disease in the UK, people hardly talk about SCD or even know much about it . Not to be needlessly controversial but there's so little talk of the disease most likely because it almost exclusively affects people of colour, particularly Afro Carribbeans. The lack of awareness, lack of readily available information and support for sufferers has lead to unnecessary deaths where appropriate treatment could have been used. Having a sibling with SCD and myself having sickle cell trait, it's a disease I've seen the debilitating effects of firsthand.

Creating, and having my creations seen, can be incredibly rewarding but I sometimes find myself lacking reason to create. So it's a refreshing step forward to sell my shit whilst trying to do something worthwhile and also help raise awareness for a disease that affects too much of the population to be ignored.

I am clinging onto the hope that this rambling message will, at the very least, prompt someone to educate themselves about the disease, or even to donate:

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