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Includes VIPER magazine, Galore magazine, The X Factor, Louisa Johnson, Raye, Leomie Anderson and more, scroll for details


Noctis Magazine, 'Slick It Up!' editorial

BABYGIRL fur choker

VIPER Magazine, 'GAL-DEM' editorial

KILL Handpainted Denim boots, High At The Met Ball hoodie

KILL BABE sweatpant

DRECK Mag, 'Spice Girl' editorial

DREAMGIRL Doodled Faux Leather Boots

KILL Handpainted Denim Boots

Josemaria Solness

KILL Handpainted Denim boots

NO SUBSTANCE Magazine, 'LEAH' online editorial

High At The Met Ball hoodie

10TEN Magazine, 'Twisted Funk' editorial

Layered Denim Spike choker, 'TRASH' Chrome Statement choker

Fish Bowl zine

GODDESS Rhinestone choker

KILL Handpainted Denim boot


Leomie Anderson

GODDESS Rhinestone choker

BABYGIRL fur choker

Monique Lawz

BADGAL Skater tee


EP release

Gothic Princess sweater


CBBC Official Chart Show

Custom Bleached THUGGER Oversized tee

BTS Promo shoot

BADGAL Skater tee

Louisa Johnson

XFactor UK performance


Bespoke Handpainted boot

'So Good' music video

KILL Handpainted Denim boot

Other performances and backstage 

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GODDESS Rhinestone choker

BADGAL Hoodie with arm print

Galore Mag

Written by Esther Faciane

94Five, 'GARMS' interview